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Return to the days of old when men were men and warlocks drank root beer. Blaze through this comedicly delightful dungeon crawler with a tip of your helm to the old days of Atari Gauntlet.

Finally ported to mobile from web, play one of the memorable Flash dungeon crawler games that has 100+ million plays around the world. Adventure through the Land of Fairosel during the times of Thorpin the Brave, the great Lord Protector of the Seven Kingdoms of Fairosel. Join forces with the heroes of valor to trounce upon the forces of evil!

Something is amiss in the town of Brumblewood. The once beautiful town church has become a stronghold of darkness. Now filled with denizens from the deep that terrorize the townspeople, it is time to storm the dungeons hidden deep beneath it to obliterate the White Warlock's foot hold upon the land.

Defy his power and his sniveling taunts as you take back all that he stole from Brumblewood's citizens. Destroy his rapidly expanding stranglehold on the people and vanquish the Warlock's boss. Hours of re-playable fun awaits in the first installation of Dungeon Run: Blackroost Keep.

Warlock Rootbeer Hall
Dungeon Run



Dungeon Run for Apple iPhone/iPad:

  • Dozens of levels to satiate your ravenous dungeon crawling appetite!

  • 4 unique heroes you can level up, customize, and do battle with

  • Forge and craft your own armor and weapons

  • 50+ levels and new ones added each update

  • Puzzle solving lock & key arcade game with traps, treasure,
    and tons of fun

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