Jewelion: Power of the Gemstones


In the Land of Fairosel, certain gemstones had the innate ability to harness, amplify, and project the power of pure light from the Heavens above or darkness from the Abyss below.

Lords of the land forged talismans of various creations to wield in battle and even in times of peace. They used their sacred art as means of warfare and enchantment to cast wonders or conjure magic spells.

Adepts trained in the sacred knowledge of fashioning and forging these talismans were greatly sought after and many were paid a king’s ransom for their luxurious and powerful creations. They were known as Archons.

Soon with the wealth and power they amassed, they themselves became men and women of renown to be reckoned with. They became bastions and strongholds for both light and darkness. To muster their strength for dominion over Fairosel, they sought after initiates to train and aid them in the arcane ways used to wage war and espionage.

Come join the battle. Choose your path. Shall you be a defender or despoiler of Fairosel? Shall you learn to master the sacred art known as Jewelion?

Hyperion Gem

Play Modes 100+ Levels Upgrades



Jewelion Twilight Update for
iPhone/iPad and Kindle HD:

  • 300+ Levels of game play

  • 10 Unique Play Modes

  • 40 Badges/Achievements

  • Upgrade your Power-Ups

  • Deeper story arc

  • Over 100 Talismans to forge

  • Play w/ friends on Game Center

Jewelion for Amazon Fire TV & GooglePlay:

  • 130+ Levels of game play

  • 5 Unique Play Modes

  • Dozens of Badges

  • Upgrade your Power-Ups

  • Engaging story arc

  • 30 Talismans to forge

Power Attacks Badges More to come
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